JSP experience

japan1 Japan

Japan is added to the mix. The Japanese arrive in Peru in 1897. The Nikkei, as the Japanese immigrants were known, founded a homonymous cuisine in their new homeland: a blend of Japanese-Peruvian fare. At length, the JSP experience concludes with a journey to Spain. With up to date, fine ingredients and inspired creations from the Iberian Peninsula.

peru1 Peru

The journey starts in Peru. In1850 there begins a wave of immigrants from China. who bring their culinary culture with them. 1920 sees the first chifa (chi:eat, fa:rice). Progressively, small such restaurants start up, introducing  fast cooking in woks on high heat. Thus blooms a blend of Sino-Peruvian cuisines.

spain1 Spain

The culinary traditions of three countries in a love match. Cinco presents a passport to faraway destinations on a plate. Traditional delicious elements and techniques from Japan, Spain and Peru. In new versions. Abundant, vivid, surprising. Provided in tapas form. For an etiquette of relaxed snacking in a casual atmosphere to match. This is the JSP experience.