Nice to meet you

Success story. Fantastic four

2012: Five friends, a common vision: that ‘something extra’ in gastronomy, in the experience of culinary enjoyment. Five becomes Cinco in Spanish and the vision materialises: a most imaginative taperia - cocktail - cafe bar with Mediterranean temperament and one-off atmosphere. A surprising balance between cool industrial style and balmy colours: a setting to trigger the mood.
Good vibes

Nadia Lymperiou

The gentle force. The heartfelt smile of reception at many a renowned restaurant. Today, the multitasking co-owner at the helm of Cinco. She is the power team’s adhesive, financial guru and the restaurant’s most recognizable warm welcome.
The coach

Archelaos Garoufalis

The voice of logic. In catering from the tender age of 14. Studies in Business Administration and Cookery. From waiter to chief of staff. Popularly known as Alex, he is Cinco’s co-owner and -very- responsible restaurant manager, pushing the meanings of consistency and organization to their limit.
Master mind

Yannis Toris

From the age of 18, he waitered at the most well-known hangouts, to later become Captain . Cinco’s co-owner and genteel head of personnel, he takes motherly care and is also the clientele’s confidant
Mr. Chillout

Dimitris Benakis

Bartender, from London to St.Moritz. Later, manager and General Manager. Co-owner and Cinco’s manager with vision, tremendous experience and a nose for the latest trends.
The visioner